Introduction of Laboratory (Location: AI Engineering Hall 220)

The lab covers research areas such as cryptography, cyber security, and machine learning. Cryptography uses mathematical characteristics as a discipline to protect information in various areas such as computers, communications and networks. Among public-key cryptographies, we research identity-based encryption and its applications. For cyber security, we conduct various cyber attack and defense experiments based on modern technologies such as big data analytics, high-speed parallel distributed processing and machine learning techniques.

Research Fields

1) Cryptography : Identity-Based Encryption, Attribute-Based Encryption Predicate Encryption, Broadcast Encryption Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem, Lattice-Based Encryption
2) Cyber Security : Network and System Security, Malware Analysis Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning High-Speed Parallel Distributed Processing
3) Machine Learning : Data Classification, Clustering, Pattern Mining, Deep Learning

Ongoing Projects



Funding Organization

Strategies of technologies and human resource development for ICT┬Ěsemiconductor in the digital transformation era

2022. 5. 9 ~
10. 31

Korea Information Society Development Institute

Research on tracing attackers over anonymous overlay networks

2022. 5. 1 ~
2023. 11. 30

Agency For Defense Development

Efficient Quantization Techniques for Deep Learning in Embedded System

2021. 5. 1 ~
2022. 6. 30

Ministry of Science and ICT

Development of Fast Design and Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms based on GPU/ASIC

2021. 4. 1 ~
2023. 12. 31

Ministry of Science and ICT

FAST Artificial Intelligence Convergence

2020. 9. 1 ~
2027. 8.31

Ministry of Education

Data Protection Technology for Reliability Enhancement in Smart Computing Environment

2020. 3. 1 ~
2023. 2.28

Ministry of Science and ICT

Development of Privacy Preservation Technologies and Blockchain for Industry 4.0(PI: Wai Kong Lee)

2019. 9. 1 ~

Ministry of Science and ICT

Development of machine learning-based abnormal signature analysis system (PI: Youngjun Bae)

2018.12. 1 ~

Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Development of ultrasmall, low-power firewall system(PI: Youngjun Bae)

2017.12. 1 ~

Ministry of SMEs and Startups

A study on efficient multi-group message broadcast encryption (PI: Intae Kim)

2017.11. 1 ~

National Research Foundations

A study on functional encryption and its applications

2017. 3. 1 ~
2020. 2.29

National Research Foundation

Development of big data based intrusion detection optimization technologies

2016.1 ~

Institute for Information & Communication Technology Promotion

Electronic receipt processing, analysis system

2015.10 ~

Institute for Information & Communication Technology Promotion

Education of Cyber Security Experts and Development of Security Optimization Technologies (Development of Cyber Security Technologies for Optimization of Intrusion Detection)

2014.12 ~

National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Development of IoT Security Technologies for Smart Homes

2014.11 ~

National Research Foundation

A study on predicate encryption supporting network centric warfare

2013.9.17 ~

Agency For Defense Development

Education Program for Smartphone Application Development based on Creative Thinking and Collaborative Experience

2013.6.25 ~

Korea Foundation For the Advancement of Science and Creativity

A study on identity-based encryption and its applications for cyber security

2012.5 ~

KNational Research Foundation

Target search and construction of communication link based on cooperation of swarm robots

2012.5 ~

Korea Foundation For the Advancement of Science and Creativity

A Study on Smart Grid Security Architecture and Information Security Measure

2011.5 ~

Korea Internet Security Agency

Development of Automatic Control System for Smart Monitors

2011.4 ~

Korea Institute of Startup & Enterpreneurship Development

Development of Algorithm for Smart Monitors

2011.4 ~

ChungCheongNam-Do Ecomonic Promotion Agency

Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities in Commercial S/W

2011.2 ~

Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology

Development of Design Course for IT Converged, Programmable, Creative Robot


National Research Foundation

A Study on Automatic Control of Monitor for Prevention of the Cervical Disc

2010.7 ~

Korea Foundation For the Advancement of Science and Creativity

A Study on Broadcast Encryption and Elliptic Curve in a Battlefield

2009.6 ~

Agency For Defense Development

A Study on the Access Control Scheme for Next-Generation DRM

2009.5 ~

National Research Foundation

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